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Link Procedure

The server link procedure is determined by the Admin Team.

Applicants are expected to fill in the link application form. No link will be given unless the form is filled in, and still must be approved by the Admin Team.

The Admin Team will inform the public user list when a new application has been submitted.

The Admin Team will spend up to one week investigating the link application and voting to decide whether the server will be granted a test link with KDFSnet. Voting on this matter will take place on the public mailing list. Justification for votes will be given where possible and any discussion, prior to voting, will also take place in public.

If they are unsure, the Admin Team may recommend that the server be linked to the test network first to assess its stability. The Admin Team may also request shell access to the applicant's server to verify details of the link application.

A newly test-linked server will have one global O-line for its admin. All other O-lines must be local. In addition the admin will have no services access.

Admins or IRC Operators listed on the application who already have services access or full IRC Operator status on the network (e.g. they are existing staff who are moving servers) may retain this access unless majority decision of Admin Team decrees otherwise.

During a test link period, the admin may not add any new IRC Operators to their server.

Minimum length of test-link is 15 days. Test-link may be extended at the discretion of the Admin Team. When the Admin Team is satisfied that the test-link has lasted long enough, admins will either fail the test-link (and not offer a permanent link), or will accept the server and offer a permanent link to KDFSnet.

All permanent links must be approved by a majority Admin vote.

Any server recommended to the Admin Team that has shown promise from a routing aspect, and the Admin Team must assess actual performance of the server, and the character of the new admin, which is just as important. An Admin Team representitive will inform the applicant of the progress of their test-link (retarded/unreadable linkapp, accepted for test-link, denied test-link, failed test-link, accepted for perm-link) and copy the Admin Team on all correspondence.

Applicants denied or failing their test-link may reapply the same server after 30 days if they believe they have rectified any problems with their initial application. Alternatively, an application may be sent for a different server, but the "30-day rule" still applies.

Those listed as Admins and IRC Operators on applying servers must have a nick that has been registered on KDFSnet for at least 30 days.

This and other linking procedures may be altered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Admin Team.

Delink Procedure

Any admin may call for the delink of another server by means of an admin vote. The server cited for delink may not vote. However, admins may not ABSTAIN on a delink vote.